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Training Faculties

Our Associate Training Faculties are as under :-
Dr. M. Shah, M.S. & Dr. S. Shah, Phaco & Vitreo Retina Specialist
Dr. R. V. Arora, MS, DOMS, DNB, FRF, Vitreo Retina Specialist,
Dr. S Gdas, M.S., FAGE., MBA. , Phaco & Lasik Specialist
Dr. A. Bhargava, MS, DNB, FRCS, FMRF, Sr. Vitreo Retina Specialist
Dr. D. D. Verma, MD, Sr Phaco Specialist
Dr. S. Shah, MS, Phaco Surgeon
Dr. H. Shah, M.S., Phaco & Lasik Surgeon
Dr. Y. Kapoor, M.S., Medical Director, Bausch + Lomb Laser Centre
Dr. A. Patil, M.S., Retina Surgeon,
Dr. M. Pwal, M.S., F.R.F., F.I.C.O.,
Dr. M. K. Ajwani, M.S.,D.C.E.H. (London),
Dr. R. Singh, M.S.
Dr. A. Bkar, MB, MS, MCH, DNB
Dr. N. H. Patel, M.D. (Obst.& Gynaec),

Our Associate, Dr. M. Shah, MS & Dr. S. Shah, ( 150 KM from Vadodara ), are the pioneers / leading Surgeons / Faculties in SICS, Phaco, Glaucoma, Laser DCR, Vitre-Retinal ( Medical & Surgical ), Oculoplasty, Ped. Opthalmology & Strabismus. They have vast teaching and surgical experience of more than 20 years in Phaco, SICS, Glaucoma, Laser DCR and other surgeries. He has treated more than 40,000 patients for cataract and are conducting regular workshops / training programs. He & his Team operate around 70 - 80 Cataract / SICS / Phaco cases per day, besides many other surgeries. He can offer even 15 - 25 Phaco procedures per day for observation, depending on your surgical skills and experience.

We also organise Phaco Training by our Associate, Dr. S. Gdas, Dr. Dr. S. Shah, Dr. D. D. Verma, Dr M K Ajwani & Dr. H. Shah All of them are very senior Surgeons with vast surgical / teaching experience of more than 10 years / + 15,000 surgeries to his credit. He conducts Intensive Phaco Training Workshops regularly.

Vitre-Retinal Surgery Training Programs are conducted by our Associate Faculties, Dr. R. V. Arora, Dr. A. Bhargava, Dr. A. Patil & Dr. M. Pwal . They have more than 12 years of exclusive work in the demanding specialty of Retina, with a cumulative experience involving a wide range of clinical scenarios. Their Areas of special clinical interest are Complex Vitreo-Retinal diseases, Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy, management of Endophthalmitis, Anterior segment reconstruction & Low vision aids. They are Interested in using their personal experience to train & teach young eye surgeons in the demanding field of Vitreo-Retinal surgery. They have trained many ophthalmologists from India & abroad.

Another Associate, Dr. Y. Kapoor, M.S., Medical Director, Bausch & Lomb Laser Center , is a leading Laser Expert / Ophthalmologist with more than 15 years experience over + 12,000 surgeries ( Lasik ) to his credit. He has received specialised training in Zyoptix technology at Bausch & Lomb.

Another Associate, Dr. R. Singh, M.S., is a leader in state of the art cataract surgery, pediatric ophthalmology and has expertise in management of glaucoma. He is India’s pioneer of micro incision phacoimulsification with multifocal lens implantation surgery, having more than 15 years experience with over + 15,000 surgeries to his credit. He conducts Intensive Phaco Training Workshops regularly.